We Pause For The Future

Scott Kiche

Scott Kiche is a contemporary ne artist from Los Angeles. His work ranges from traditional realism to Surrealism. The artist was born in Guatemala in 1974, and, at the age of ve immigrated to the U.S with his family. Like many artists Kiche’s journey in art began at a very early age. His natural talent along with the encouragement of teachers and family helped to create in him the commitment to become an artist. Some of the masters who have inuenced his work are René Magritte, Dali, and Velazquez. However his work is almost completely influenced by Surrealism. He enjoys the vast vocabulary and expressive freedom that surrealism offers. He has exhibited works in Mexico City, Virginia, Washington D.C, Maryland, Chicago, Los Angeles and now Austin, Texas. He also has received awards in several group shows and magazine publications. Scott is currently on tour with the realism guild in a two year traveling museum exhibition that explores the current state of realism in the 21st century.